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6 key facts about TrackTech


We collect tons of data. Based on that you can analyse and export everything you want. With our „Query Explorer“ you are not limited to any reports. (coming soon)


Our infrastructure makes marketing attribution fast. The Dashboard shows all values instantly without a delay of a few hours like in other software.


All our servers are located in Germany. The country with one of the best data privacy acts in the world. And all connections are encrypted with modern encryption standards.


Marketing attribution is not quite hard to understand as long as you get the right KPIs and the right reports. We worked long enough as marketeers to understand what you need.


We build this software from scratch up for a fast moving market. We are totally free and not bonded to old and inefficient technology.


Marketing attribution is a key to success with your marketing. We think this should not only accessible to Fortune 500 companies.

Request the beta and get 50% discount
Get the beta

Analyse the customer journey

With TrackTech you track the whole customer journey over all your marketing channels. Analyse the touchpoints in our reports or individual via the export function. And if you are already using the UTM-parameters from Google Analytics, you have nothing to change. TrackTech reads and interprets the UTM-parameters itself.

Get insights about your customers

What are your customers looking for? Who they are? With TrackTech you get insights about your customers to help your marketing drive better results.