Attribution and Customer Journey
in the cloud

The right marketing-attribution helps to understand
marketing-channels and to allocate budgets in the right way.
Optimize your sales and increase your revenue.

Know all your customers' touchpoints in realtime

When you know the customer journey of your clients you can optimize channels and target them more efficiently. Optimize your sales and you conversion-rate with attributed realtime-data.

Are your campaigns making money?

While social media and most other marketing channels are getting more expensive, are your campaigns making still money? You need to analyze the whole customer journey to get the right insights.

With TrackTech you can track every single touchpoint from your customers and get the insights from the reports.

Also, the TrackTech dashboard gives you a quick overview for the daily routine. The detailed reports help you to optimize marketing campaigns and getting a better ROI.

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Specialized IT-Infrastructure

Scalable, highly accessible, safe

The whole IT-infrastructure is designed redundant and optimized in a manner that ensures fastest response-times in order to guarantee the best performance. Encapsulated systems and targeted monitoring provide consistent availability for the core systems. Guaranteed availability of 99,95%.


Tracking-code and API

Easy to apply. Completely flexible

The JS-Tracker is designed in a way that ensures maximal flexibility. It is easy to integrate, but completely customizable. Apart from that it is optimized for SPAs and mobile websites. The Tracking-API accepts requests and calculates the attributed values in only a fraction of a second. The PHP-Interface allows the connection of own systems.


Flexible and fast

Fast processes and short paths

The world of the internet rotates fast. Very fast. We know that because of our longstanding experience in the internet and online marketing. As “digital natives” we learned to deal with that. With us, you have a software you can build your business on. A software that can adapt to you, your company and the market.


Request the beta and get 50% discount
Get the beta

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

When will the Software be production-ready?

For now, we are on alpha-stage. That means that we are testing the core features of the software and the infrastructure. We plan to go live in the 4th quarter of 2016. Before that, we will continue to recruit test-clients like you. Are you interested? Let us hear from you and send a few details of your website with it.

Is the software composed for beginners or experts?

There will be an entirely simple tracking-code. Few lines of JavaScript. Easy to build in, even for beginners. Seeing that, the most functions are already accessible. There are standardized attribution-models and channel-groupings which make the start for you as easy and fast as possible.

Are you an expert and do you want to get more from our tool? In this case, the tracking-code can be largely modified in order to track further information which can be analyzed on the dashboard later on. Additionally, you can build up and apply your own attribution-models and channel-groupings as an expert. The callback-function or the extensive export-functions allow further processing of your data in your own systems.

We’d love to support you and your ideas with our know-how.

Which attribution-models are supported?

As default attribution-models we have chosen LastClick, LastNonDirect, FirstClick, Positionbased as well as Linear for you to choose from. Apart from that you can create own attribution-models. Those can be based on complex rules and customized values. Thus we can provide a very wide range of possibilities for you to create your own attribution-models.

Where is the data stored? And is it safe where it is?

All data is stored exclusively in Germany. Your data is safe from unwanted access in one of the most up-to-date data-centers of Europe with the newest security technologies. Our host has the most important data-security-certificates, e.g. “TÜV Süddeutschland” and an ISO:9001 certificate.

All of the core systems are redundantly available. If one of them drops out there are others which can replace it in only seconds. Internal control systems are consistently checking all components of the system and keep record of the status.

Data is stored multiple times in principle. Thus, two replicates of all databases are accessible while running. Backups are stored multiple times in two independent data centers. The transmission of data between multiple systems is always encrypted.

How expensive will it be to buy such a complex software?

We are currently working on our code. On the current alpha-stage we don’t have a price-model yet. Nevertheless we are sure that we can provide an incredible low price due to our intelligent IT-infrastructure. We want to achieve that it will be feasible for every eCommerce-provider to afford Realtime-Attributio. Therefore, our product will be available starting at 25€/month.