We developed a plugin to easily integrate the tracking code into a WordPress- & WooCommerce-based Online-Shop. Follow these instructions to install the plugin.

Create a user account

If you don’t have already a user account, please set up a new on here:

Create a new website

If you don’t have already a website account you want to use, please set up a new one with the link „create new website“ in the top right corner here

After creating a new website you will be redirected to the settings page. Notice the „Website-ID“ under the field „Website Name“. You will need this number later.

Install the WordPress-Plugin

At first you should – as for every new installation – create a backup from your wordpress installation.

Open the Plugins-Page in the WordPress-Admin-Area. Click at the top on the button „install“ to install a new plugin and search for „Tracktech“. You’ll find out plugin called „TrackTech Integration“. Click the Button to install the plugin. After the installation is complete, activate the plugin.

You can read more about the plugin on the official WordPress-Site:

Configure the WordPress-Plugin

You can find in the left navigation-menu a new point called „TrackTech“. Click on this to get to the settings of the plugin.

Enter the website-id from the second step into the field „Website ID“ and save the changes.

Now the tracking code is installed and data will be collected.