About TrackTech.io and Attribution

Which attribution models do you support?

At the moment we support the following attribution models:

  • First Click
  • Last Click
  • Positionbased
  • Linear

How is the defaul channelgrouping look like?

Our default channel grouping seperates the traffic in the following channels.

  • direct
  • email
  • paid search
  • organic search
  • social media
  • display
  • referrer
  • other

What happens to my website if your service stops working?

Any troubles on our side will not effect your website or your website visitors. The tracking-code is loaded asynchronous. This will not impact the pagespeed of your website.

How private and secure are my data?

All Dashboard-Requests and API-Requests are secure via SSL encryption. Also all internal connections encrypted via SSL. All servers are monitored and managed 24/7 by professional system admins.

User and Website Account

What is the difference between a User Account and a Website Account?

Every user has his own and personal account. You can login into the dashboard with you email and your password. The User Account is free. The Website Account is the real project. A Website Account can have multiple hostnames and collects the data via the tracking code. On User can have access to multiple Website Accounts. In the settings of the Website Account you can add or remove other Users.

I forgott my Password? How can I restore it?

On the login-modal is a link „Forgot Password?“. There you can request a new password.

How can I add/remove Users from my Website Account?

To add new users go to the website settings in the dashboard. There you can add nuw users to your website account by adding whose email addresses. You can add unlimited users to a website you have access to. With the checkbox you can select if the new you should get an email notice about that or not.

To remove a user just click on the trash-icon next to the user’s email address and confirm that. The user is immediately removed.


Tracking Code

How can I validate, that the tracking code is working correctly?

To validate the installation of the tracking code please see the Dashboard Documentation chapter
Set up the tracking code -> Validate the installation

How can I seperate data between my production site and my staging site?

To seperate stage and production sites you have two options:

  1. All Enterprise Plans get an extra account for stage websites for free.
  2. You can create an extra account yourself.
  3. You can write the hostname of you stage NOT into the field „domains“ in the website settings. (Read more about the Website Settings)

Trail period, Plans and Limits

What is the trail period?

The trail period are 30 days for testing for you. In this time you can use the software for free and with unlimited api requests. After the trail you can subscribe for a plan, if you like. If you do not subscribe, we will delete all data a few weeks later.

Are there any limits requests send to the API?

There are two kinds of limits you schould know about:

  1. Every plan has limits for max requests per month, number of custom dimensions, etc.
  2. The Field from the API has some limits how long a value can be. See the API Documentaion for more info.

What if I go over my plan limits?

If you send more requests in one month than you plan allows, the additional requests will be charged in the next invoice.

Payment and Subscription

Do I need a credit card to create/have an account?

No. You do not need a credit card to create an account. If you create a new Website Account, you get a 30 day trail. No credit card needed.

If you subscribe later, we need your credit card data or paypal account.

Which Payment methods can I use?

We accept Credit Card and Paypal. The payment will be settled in EUR.

Is my credit card data safe and the transaction protected?

For all transactions we use Chargebee as payment gateway. At no time are credit card data on our servers. The transaction will be handled direct via high secure connections from your client to Chargebee. Here you can read more about Charebee and Security.

Enterprise Clients

We need a signed NDA before the subscription.

Please get in touch with the support.

Can we pay by wire transfer?

Please get in touch with the support.