What is TrackTech.io and how can it help me?

TrackTech.io is a web-based Dashboard for eCommerce Stores. If you are selling things online, you will get the right KPIs in the Dashboard to analyze and optimize your marketing campaigns.

What can I measure?

With TrackTech.io you can measure the bahaviour of your customers on you website. The basic for that are pageviews. Our system split the pageviews into sessions and recognize, if the user starts a new session.

With every pageview you can send different kind of information, like the current basket value, conversion details, pagetypes, searchterms and much more.

Additional to that our tracking script collects some more data automatic like the browser and os version, location of the user based on the ip address, current website and referrer url.

Based on all this data about your customers we create some dashboards and reports for you.

How to start?

To start frist create a user account. Than you can create a website account. You get a 30 day trail and to create the account is no credit card required.

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